浙江工商企业名录 浙江工商企业名录


  1. 企业名称:义乌市州廷贸易有限公司
  2. 所在省份:浙江
  3. 所在地市:金华市
  4. 所在区县:义乌
  5. 所在行业:金融服务行
  6. 法人代表:陈生
  7. 联系人员:5人
  8. 手机号码:
  9. 单位电话:057983815337
  10. 单位传真:
  11. 注册资本:50万
  12. 员工人数:
  13. 办公地址:义乌
  14. 邮政编码:
  15. 网站网址:321000
  16. 补充说明:我们是yiwu purchasing agent ,,We are experienced yiwu trading company: We have many years experience in yiwu pruchase agent with EUROPEAN, , NORTH & SOUTH AMERICAN ,middle east Clients, We fully understand what our clients are looking for, thinking & acting on our clients’ behalf, And we do send our clients the inspection report after we collected & inspected the goods against the invoice in our warehouse before we pay each supplier, in this case our clients can make a change for or even reject the order that is not correctly produced. Pls click here for your reference. We are reliable yiwu purchase agent: We have a huge database of the best quality suppliers and vendors, For instance, promotional gift, promotional pens, t-shit, crystal & accessories, zinc-alloy bangles etc




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